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Explorium Audiences:
Gain Access to a Total Universe of Data

We take care of the preliminary data gathering, so you can explore new ideas and expand your business

Explorium Audiences is where your initial data analysis starts.

Audiences streamlines your data gathering techniques, allowing you to automatically find and access datasets such as potential business leads, competitors within any industry, and geography. *Audiences was formerly known as Starters.

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Experience the Power of External Data for Analytics & Machine Learning. Automatically enrich your ML and analytical models with instant access to thousands of data signals.

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Join Explorium experts bi-weekly for the External Data Platform Open Office Hours. Every workshop we will walk you through our expert tips and tricks, demonstrate best practices, and open the floor to questions.

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Explorium takes care of the preliminary data gathering and once you build your data set, you can further enrich it with relevant data signals or run data transformations for advanced analytics and predictive modeling. Data analysts, marketing, sales, and data science teams can use Explorium Audience’s to:

Explorium Audiences in 3 simple steps:

Specify the business type and location

Specify the business type and location you wish to target. You can select from hundreds of business types such as home improvement stores or convenience stores across geographies to build your starting dataset.

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Access your dataset

Immediately access your dataset and enrich and prepare your data for your business needs

  • Explore thousands of additional signals from proprietary, premium, and public data sources
  • Enrich your data with the most relevant signals
  • Prepare your data with inbuilt transformations

Integrate your dataset

Easily integrate your dataset to analytical or operational systems. You can:

  • Integrate the enriched dataset into your cloud data warehouse or data lake such as Google BigQuery, Snowflake, or AWS S3 for advanced analysis
  • Export the enriched list as a flat file (CSV, XLS) to be used for visualization and analysis
  • Use Explorium APIs to access the enriched dataset from a variety of 3rd party systems
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Connect to thousands of external data signals.
See examples of available data signals.

Learn more about Explorium Starters:

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Automate external data discovery and enrichment for more accurate predictive models
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Follow 3 simple steps to get started with data and analytics projects without uploading data
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