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Explorium for Business Analysts

Explorium combines the world's best data in a single platform for easy access and integration of relevant enrichments

Explorium automates many of the tasks involved with sourcing, purchasing, and integrating external data. Using Explorium allows business analysts to spend less time on finding, cleaning, and integrating the right data, and more time analyzing and understanding business-shaping insights.
Try Explorium for free to see how easy it is to find the most relevant external data signals/features/attributes to solve the most complex business problems.

All of the external data you need in a single solution. Ready for use.


Explorium is an end-to-end external data platform.
Business analysts spend a lot of time on data discovery,collection, and preparation. Explorium helps with every step of the external data sourcing process from data discovery, to matching and integrating the new datasets with your internal data. By automating this process, Explorium enables business analysts to focus more of their energy on driving high value insights.

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Generate new datasets and find signals from multiple sources, in one place.

Explorium automatically discovers the most relevant data sources and signals for your analytical models.


Don’t waste time formatting, matching, and integrating external data sources with internal data. 

Explorium seamlessly matches, integrates and enriches the data you already have with multiple external data sources. Apply transformations and build data pipelines within the platform.


Build accurate predictive models trained on high-quality data. 

Use Explorium’s Prediction Engine for any ML use cases and see the model uplift instantly.


Learn how Idea Financial cut their data expenses by 50%.

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Solution Brief
Explorium’s Enrichment Catalog lets you build the most relevant, insight-driven machine learning models for your organization.
Explorium removes roadblocks associated with finding and acquiring external data for analytics and ML projects. Find out how your data and analytics teams can build data pipelines and leverage external data throughout your organization’s analytics processes.
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