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BI and Analytics Manager

Job Description:

  • Build and own the BI function at Explorium.
  • Lead of our data driven approach, build and own the infrastructure that will help us measure quantitative impact across the company as we grow.
  • Define data and modeling needs across different platforms in order to create dashboards and analytics report in order to track, monitor and analyze every aspect of the Explorium business including product, data sources and commercial funnel.
  • Hands on building of the queries, ETL’s, dashboards and analytic models that drive business outcome and impact business results.
  • Build and own ETL’s and processes for data integration across different internal data sources.
  • Extract insights out of the data to be delivered to key stakeholders, management, clients and board.
  • Use a data driven approach to impact our business decisions, strategy, goals and efforts.
  • Work closely with the Data Engineering team to structure and organize the data in a manner that will support analysis.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • 3+ years of data and analytics experience including building and managing data pipelines feeding into models
  • Experience in the execution of data analytics initiatives, leading to the development of useful insights and the improvement of a business’s performance and growth.
  • SQL and working with databases – including connecting multiple data sources to BI platforms and building dashboards
  • BI Tools (Tableau, Sisense or other)
  • Business understanding and the ability to convert data into recommendation for business outcome
  • Strong communication skills to articulate the value of analytics to different business leaders
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