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Employees' Company Ratings

Get the insider’s perspective on a company’s in-house health.
Exploring employees’ ratings and reviews of the company they work for helps our customers learn more about companies as they’re seen from the inside,  revealing important internal indicators of  company stability.

The data source aggregates online company ratings published by the company’s current employees, former employees, and interviewees. It provides ratings of many aspects of the company including: company management; conditions such as diversity and work life balance; and, the interview experience.
Ratings Over Time

Overall rating and number of ratings

CEO and senior management rating

Recommend to friend rating

Compensation benefits rating

Culture values rating

Diversity inclusion rating

Work life balance rating

Interview experience

Use Cases

This data source helps complete the picture of the company’s solidity, and is deployed in various B2B use cases, for example:

Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is based on employee ratings - target, segment and rank companies based on overall company rating or specific ratings

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Company Research

Company Research explores organizational insights such as “Recommend to friend rating” or “Diversity inclusion rating” as indicators of the company’s stability

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