Company Workforce Trends

Gain Competitive Edge by Understanding
Workforce Trends of Any Company

The strength and stability of companies are traditionally examined using financial performance indicators. Exploring company’s workforce trends adds another strong layer on top of that, which can reveal important internal growth or risk indicators and can now become an integral part of every company assessment.

The data source aggregates professional profiles of a company - to create an X-ray into the company workforce. It provides information such as the distribution of employees by age, gender, education, years at the company, rank, and more providing a powerful indication of the company’s health.

Workforce Chart
Company open positions by department

Headcount & headcount growth per department and on a company level

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Open positions and open position growth per department and on a company level

Trends and insights on demographics - such as % of females and age distribution

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Changes in the company leadership

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Company location information

Company industry information

Number of people in the company holding a degree

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Average tenure in company by level

Use Cases

This data source is used by our customers in areas like recruiting, hedge funds, insurance, real estate, higher education, consulting, and banking. It provides a powerful indication of the company’s strength, and is deployed in various B2B use cases.

Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Lead Scoring

based on departmental growth - target, segment and score companies based on finance hires

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Investment Research

explore organizational insights like employee growth as an indicator for strong financial performance to discover high-value opportunities

data science as a service

Business Risk

explore startup risk by looking at hiring and attrition indicators, c-level tenure, employee tenure, etc.

Explorium's automated data science platform

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

look at social indicators like gender, ethnicity and age diversity

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