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Explorium takes an innovative approach to data, using ML-powered augmented data discovery to increase the predictive power of model
Augmented data discovery tools from Explorium

What is augmented data discovery?

Augmented data discovery is the new data acquisition. The difference? Traditional data acquisition is a manual process that — between gaining access to data sources, dealing with legal and security, testing signals against each other, and integrating each source individually — can take months. Augmented data discovery tools turn those months into minutes, by instantly connecting you to a wide variety of validated data sources and, through AI, uncover the data sources that have the biggest impact on your model.

Augmented data discovery with Explorium

It’s all about the data. Connect your data to the Explorium platform and we’ll take it from there by automatically understanding your dataset; enriching it with public, premium, and proprietary data sources; and performing the optimal matching for you.

Some of the most popular data sources our customers use include:

Augmented data discovery tools from Explorium
Company enrichments
  • NAICS/SIC code
  • Annual revenue
  • Website traffic and trends
Augmented data discovery tools from Explorium
Date and time enrichments
  • National and local events
  • Weather indicators
  • Weather history
Augmented data discovery tools from Explorium
Geospatial enrichments
  • Income and financial stability indicators in the area
  • Foot traffic patterns
  • Education, rental, and crime statistics
Augmented data discovery tools from Explorium
Explorium’s custom machine-learning-powered signals
  • Online revenue channels per business
  • Estimated web presence per company
  • Stock market effect per industry

Why use augmented data discovery tools?

Augmented data discovery tools from Explorium

Break free from manual data discovery, preparation, integration, and compliance

Save time, money and resources by automating traditionally manual tasks that are sheer logistical nightmare for most organizations. Find impactful datasets in minutes, rather than months, and let your data science experts focus on successfully operationalizing more use cases.

Discover the unknown

As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Exploring the unknown with augmented data discovery — whether that’s your organization’s data silos or the public, premium, and proprietary data sources in the Explorium data catalog — means you’re less reliant on the data you know exists. This way you’re able to see the full picture instead of just a small piece.

Improve performance and explainability

Enriching models with external data adds contextual awareness to AI projects and improves the model accuracy and performance. In addition to that, having more attributes in your training data helps build simpler, more transparent models that are easier to explain.

No matter who you are, use better data for better business

Explorium empowers all levels of data scientists and business leaders
Discover how to access all of the data you need to make the right business decisions.

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