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An external data enrichment platform to drive business breakthroughs

Find and integrate the most relevant external data signals for any BI and ML data enrichment use cases

Explorium's data enrichment capabilities allow data analysts and data science teams to quickly find and integrate the most relevant external data signals for their advanced analytics pipelines. Formerly known as Signal Studio, Explorium's data enrichment enables you to:

Connect to thousands of external data signals.
See examples of available data signals.

How the data enrichment solution works:

Explore thousands of external data signals and reap the benefits of data enrichment

Explorium’s hundreds of curated premium and public external data sources are validated, checked for regulatory compliance, and normalized, as well as derived into thousands of proprietary signals. Explorium external data gallery covers multiple categories including, but not limited to company data, people data, geospatial data, time-based data, and product data. Get started by uploading your internal data or use Explorium Audiences to generate a list of entities based on required industry and location.

Signal Studio data enrichment platform
Signal Studio Big Data Enrichments

Enrich customer data and more with the most relevant external data signals

Explorium's big data enrichment tools help you identify the most relevant data signals quickly. It recommends signals with the best coverage and provides a rich description for each signal. Signals are added with a single click and our automated data enrichment technology instantly matches and integrates them with your internal data. As you start adding enrichments, the system uncovers more data signals for you to explore (for example, adding an industry to enrich company data reveals its eligibility for government assistance, such as Payroll Protection Program, PPP.) 

Prepare your data with inbuilt transformations

The platform provides various data enrichment and data preparation techniques with many inbuilt transformation functions. Available transformations include but are not limited to: 

  • Adding dates (surfacing additional enrichments such as footfall traffic)
  • Providing enriched data such as phone numbers, email addresses, company details, customer profiles and other third-party data points
  • Splitting (exploding) values  
  • Defining filters based on specific benchmarks 
  • Editing classifications

These transformations prepare and enrich your internal and external data prior to running advanced analytics or ML models.

Enrich Customer Data with Signal Studio
Modern, real-time data enrichment techniques

Integrate enriched data into your advanced analytics

Explorium doesn’t just discover and prepare the data signals; it automatically integrates the data into your production pipelines using recipes for real-time data enrichment. You can define the recipe in your output format and schedule it to meet your business needs. After you finish creating a recipe, you can apply it to new data via APIs. The data you run via the API can now be processed step by step according to your recipe. You may also download the external data signals in a standardized format and upload them to your preferred analytics, BI, or visualization solution.

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