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Automated Feature

Extract powerful features from the
most relevant data sources

Feature discovery at scale

Our engine explores thousands of feature ideas on top of a trove of underlying data sources to engineer, extract and aggregate the most impactful new features for your needs.

Be creative

Write your own code to introduce feature building blocks (Creatives) to the automatic exploration process, integrating your domain knowledge to the mix so no good ideas remain unexamined.

Your optimal feature set

Putting all candidate features to the test, the platform distills the top performing features for the predictive challenge at hand, scores and ranks them for your optimal model consumption.

Explainable insights

Drill down to understand the origins and behavior of your top features, introduce new insights into the business and help build a basis of trust in your predictive drivers.
"Some machine learning projects succeed and some fail. What makes the difference? Easily the most important factor is the features used"
Pedro Domingos, The Master Algorithm

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Explorium delivers the end-game of every data science process - from raw, disconnected data to game-changing insights, features, and predictive models. Better than any human can.
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