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Explorium for Growth Marketers

Explorium provides the ability to generate leads, enrich lead data, and score leads, all in one platform.

Finding high-quality B2B leads and breaking through all of the noise online to get their attention is tough. Get the context you need with Explorium’s External Data platform to better understand your audiences and draft campaigns and content that are compelling to them.

Use external data to find new and innovative ways to reach new audiences.


Explorium saves you time on finding data so you can focus more on driving revenue.
Growth marketers spend a lot of time experimenting, analyzing data, and conceiving a wide variety of campaigns and content. Internal data is not enough to create a complete picture of your customers. With the right external data enrichments, you can build successful campaigns that acquire new, high-quality leads that are more likely to convert, not only to paying customers, but to brand advocates.



Get leads for new customer acquisition campaigns.

Don’t let a lack of data prevent you from targeting new audiences. Create new lead lists of enterprise or SMB customers from scratch with Explorium’s Generate Audiences feature.


Understand your target audiences.

Enrich your lead data with 1000s of relevant signals to get more context around the buyer profiles. The better you understand your prospects and customers, the more likely you are to send them relevant offers.


Focus on the leads most likely to convert.

Finding the right leads is only the first step. Use Explorium for more precise lead scoring and focus your efforts on the leads that are most likely to become loyal customers.


Learn about how Melio used Explorium to Improve Conversion Rates and Streamline Operations

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Solution Brief
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