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Powering a new breed of market leaders

Explorium enables companies across industries to leverage their data assets through predictive models rooted in data enrichment at scale. From Fortune 500 companies to cutting edge tech startups, our customers continuously discover new sources and deploy more models that drive value

  • Financial Services

    Banks, online lenders, insurance providers, and fintech companies are often faced with the challenge of extracting the full potential of their own extensive and varied datasets, a timely and costly process. Our platform was built to not only process and analyze these disparate datasets, but also to automatically enrich them with volumes of up-to-date consumer behavior data and other business characteristics, improving the accuracy and performance of their predictive models and thereby strengthening fraud detection, reducing underwriting risks, improving risk management, providing advanced market insights, increasing customer experience, and optimizing marketing strategies.


  • Retail and E-commerce

    With Explorium, retailers and e-commerce businesses can leverage their massive amounts of growing data on historical sales, website interactions, consumer behavior, and product demand to automatically extract insights and predict consumer behavior patterns to increase revenue, sales, and deliver more personalized engagement to their consumers through improved segmentation, pricing, product recommendations, and targeted messaging.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies must be able to react quickly to the ever changing habits, behaviors, and expectations of their consumers by developing the right products at the right price, building optimal promotional strategies, balancing their product inventory and managing the competition.  With Explorium, CPG companies can combine their data troves of internal historical transactional data, seasonal consumer behavior data, pricing data, and market demand data with our relevant external sources and advanced predictive algorithms to generate meaningful insights for faster, better data-driven business decisions.  

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare organizations rely on the Explorium platform to recognize complex patterns from within their volumes of healthcare data generated during practice, much of which remains siloed or inaccessible. Additionally, Explorium’s data enrichment adds more socioeconomic, behavioral, and trend context to internal datasets for more representative predictive models that help increase patient diagnosis accuracy, improve occupancy forecasting, better predict claims, optimize billing, and improve detection of at-risk patients.

  • Marketing

    Explorium is enabling marketers to employ the most up-to-date and relevant marketing strategies by building robust predictive models with powerful and explainable features that deliver better insights. By combining their internal data with our external data, including consumer behavior data, customer churn data, and browsing history data, marketers will be equipped with the clarity they need to optimize ad spend, improve lead scoring, deliver more personalized and relevant product recommendations, drive customer satisfaction, and create effective offers.

  • Human Resources

    With Explorium, Human Resource (HR) professionals are able to enrich their own unstructured employee behavior and internal workforce data with our competitive business and professional data to drive better decisions that improve organizational performance. With more reliable predictive models, HR teams can now explore and discover additional patterns which help optimize recruitment campaigns, reduce employee turnover, improve recruitment processes by enhancing their selection process, and personalize employee training.  


  • Public Sector

    Explorium helps governmental and public sector organizations reach reliable insights more efficiently and quickly by leveraging advanced analytics techniques and better performing predictive models that are fueled with volumes of quality open, premium and proprietary data, representing a wide array of aspects including counterterrorism, cybersecurity, public health, citizen safety, and historical economic data.

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