Data Case Study
How Explorium helped a manufacturing giant uncover millions of dollars in net new opportunities?

Over the last 3 years, disruption has become the new normal for the manufacturing industry.

As such, operational and revenue resiliency has become the number 1 priority for our customers. 

In a study done by the Boston Consulting Group, they identified the 7 key areas that manufacturing companies have been focusing to ensure resiliency  – with Predictive modeling being one of the key areas.

At Explorium, predictive prospecting and modeling is a fundamental way in which we have helped some of the world’s top manufacturing companies set themselves apart from their competitors.

By using our world class platform, powered by the largest business data catalog, our manufacturing customers have been able to successfully deal with operational questions and move their business further with the right go-to-market strategies.

Helping our top manufacturing customers uncover more millions in net new revenue.

Our customer is a multinational manufacturing company with operations worldwide. They engaged Explorium to help them execute a growth plan which required identifying new territories and high value prospects within a saturated Americas market.


High intent leads result in high ROI customers

Explorium’s predictive prospecting solution focuses companies on high intent leads that convert to longer term and high ROI customers. 

For this manufacturing customer, the end result meant identifying 10,000 high value leads which would translate to millions of additional dollars in the pipeline. 

Breaking down Explorium’s process

Data-related actions 

Using Explorium, our customers gain immediate access to roughly 135 million business entities, and more than 4,000 unique data attributes about them.

This manufacturing customer focused on:

Machine learning-related steps

They were able to score, prioritize, and identify their high-value prospects using our robust analytical capabilities.

About Explorium

Deliver winning predictive models and go-to-market decisioning solutions powered by the largest business data catalog.

Explorium enables you to access a vast array of data, automatically identify key attributes, and integrate external data into your predictive models, which helps you make more accurate predictions and create effective marketing strategies.

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