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Organization Signals

Gain a Competitive Edge with the Most Relevant and Accurate Company Data Signals

Obtaining and validating data about businesses is hard and tedious, particularly in the case of privately-owned companies which are not required to publish information. Given that there are an estimated 30 million SMBs in the U.S. alone, obtaining and validating data about them is an even bigger challenge. Explorium-sourced company data signals provide you with extensive coverage and high accuracy. Before releasing data for use, it is subject to a rigorous process, combined, cross-checked against multiple data sources and confirmed.

The organization signals bundle provides essential information about global companies, including revenue, company size, and more. Firmographic data points provide the key characteristics of a company. The data is vital for segmentation purposes, facilitating categorization of companies into valid and relevant market segments.

Company identifiers like website url, email, phone and address

Growth indicators including revenue and number of employees

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Industry classifications such as NAICS code, SIC code, and LinkedIn industry codes

Unique company identifiers such as stock exchange ticker symbol and tax id

Organizational structure including parent company

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Company HQ location and other locations

Use Cases

This data bundle is used by our customers to categorize companies according to geographic location, industry, customer base, type of organization, size, etc. Some sample use cases include:

Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Lead Scoring

 Based on company firmographics - target, segment and rank companies based on firmographic attributes

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Business Credit Risk

Verify the information provided in an application form and gather external data that reliably identifies applicants’ eligibility for credit

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Know Your Customer

Validate company’s attributes to meet FSI regulations; for example, know if company belongs to an industry sector with which you may not conduct business.

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