The Automated Machine Learning Platform
that brings you the external data

Automatically connect to thousands of data
signals, build better machine learning models
faster, and drive business impact
Superior automated machine learning from Explorium

Data teams come in all shapes and sizes

No matter where you’re at with your data science journey, Explorium can help. Choose to automatically connect to relevant external data sources for better analytics or use our end-to-end External Data platform with automated machine learning to build and improve models. Either way, you’ll be offering actionable insights that provide the impact your organization needs.

Looking to go beyond analytics and jumpstart automated machine learning? You’ve come to the right place.

Already running models and looking for better data?


Our data discovery engine is for you.

Superior automated machine learning from Explorium

Connect to the external data you need

Your data lake might be overflowing but if it doesn’t include the data you need to tackle business questions, it doesn’t matter. Finding one relevant source of data is a long and tedious process. And it’s totally worth the time it takes if you know upfront which data source will actually be relevant. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works...until now. Explorium automates the discovery of relevant sources through the world’s first data discovery engine for machine learning, which automatically scours thousands of sources to identify the relevant ones and extract signals and features that make a measurable impact.
Superior automated machine learning from Explorium

Expand data science with our end-to-end platform

The Explorium data science platform means faster time to market using automated machine learning models that result in stronger accuracy because they’re using the data your team has been missing. Fueled by our own machine learning algorithms, the Explorium platform automatically connects you to the most relevant data, extracts signals, and performs benchmarking and modeling for you.

What’s in it for you?

Superior automated machine learning from Explorium

Productivity overdrive

Stop wasting precious days and months hunting for the right datasets, signals, and features. Explorium removes the need to search, clean, test, and integrate data by not only giving you thousands of ready-to-use data sources immediately but also automatically telling you which datasets have the biggest impact on your model.
Superior automated machine learning from Explorium

Impact in seconds

Business today requires fast answers and faster action, so you need your data team to be agile. Explorium’s end-to-end solution lets you deliver results in minutes by condensing the data discovery, preparation, and integration process. Deliver ROI uplift and smarter solutions to your organization’s problems now, and not in months, by integrating with Explorium.
Superior automated machine learning from Explorium

Fast, unlimited scale

Your data is ever-growing, and your uses for it should follow suit. Find new use cases with better data, and deploy them across your organization in seconds. Explorium lets you connect to new data sources and scale your use cases on demand.
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"Explorium offers one of the most ingenious and robust data science platforms we've come across. The valuable work we've been able to conduct in Explorium's platform has allowed us to evolve our fraud detection capabilities and mature them significantly in a very short time."

Andrew Stone, CFCI, Director of Fraud Management, OnDeck
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“Signal Studio enriches our existing data sources and helps us quickly assess their value in our models. We chose Explorium for its unique combination of external data sources and a modeling platform all in one — not to mention the excellent support and expert advice from Explorium’s data science and product teams.”

Mirit Hirsh-Nuri, Senior Director of Credit and Fraud Risk at Behalf
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"Explorium provides rich alternative data sources that are critical for effective predictive modeling."

Jian Tian, Data Scientist, BlueVine
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“The ease of use and flexibility of Explorium allows us to launch new use cases on a monthly basis with minimal effort but maximum impact.”

Nadav Yekutiel, Head of Data,

Data and analytics leaders across industries use Explorium External Data Platform for automated machine learning for lifetime value predictions, supplier risk, claims management, and more.

Discover a better way to find and use the right data to drive more accurate predictions.

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