All marketers are not
created equal

Set yourself apart, optimize your funnel,
and drive better campaigns with actionable data-driven marketing

Optimize the funnel with data driven marketing

From data-driven marketing to data science-driven marketing

Forward-thinking marketers need better data to see beyond the noise, predict, and optimize, but don't always have the time or resources to look outside of their internal data silos for it. That’s where Explorium comes in. You bring the vision and our team of experts brings the context and cutting-edge AI technology to drive major marketing impact with external data and machine learning models customized to your needs.

Take the quick route. Leverage the best data and machine learning available and take your data-driven marketing to the next level by partnering with Explorium.

Optimize the funnel with data driven marketing

We do the modeling, you do the marketing

Building a data-science driven strategy can give your data-driven marketing a shot of steroids, but not if you have to spend months doing it. Explorium builds the predictive models and gives you the answers you need so you can focus on the real work — building a marketing strategy that gives you the biggest impact and ROI in any situation.
Optimize the funnel with data driven marketing

Instant ROI

At the end of the day, marketing is about creating impact and showing ROI. Taking weeks to come up with a plan means wasting money and resources you might not have. With Explorium, you can feed your marketing machine with the best possible insights to create campaigns and strategies that deliver real results today, not in some distant future. More importantly, your impact is continuous, not one-off.
Optimize the funnel with data driven marketing

Modern data discovery

Your internal marketing data is a great start, but Explorium can make it better with just a few clicks. Our external data platform will connect your marketing data to thousands of other external data sources that can give you better answers, better context, and better visibility to disrupt your market.

Data-driven Marketers across industries use Explorium to optimize ad spend, lead scoring, content engagement, web visitor segmentation, and everything in between.

machine learning solutions by explorium

“The ease of use and flexibility of Explorium allows us to launch new use cases on a monthly basis with minimal effort but maximum impact.”

Nadav Yekutiel, Head of Data,
machine learning use cases by explorium

"Explorium provides rich alternative data sources that are critical for effective predictive modeling."

Jian Tian, Data Scientist, BlueVine

One Explorium, endless ways to use it

Whether you’re looking for a data science partner for fast ROI, just want to use our data, or are already running machine learning models, we’ve got a solution for you.

Take your marketing to the next level with better predictions, better insights, and better data.

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