Fight risk with the
data you need, not the
data you have

Connect to thousands of external sources and signals,
gain clarity and context, mitigate risk and fight fraud
Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Fraud and risk are constantly changing shape

This uncertainty opens the door for fraud and creates new, unforeseen risks that weren’t visible even a few months prior. Your internal data can only show you what you know. Upgrading your visibility and detecting fraud with machine learning using better risk models requires looking to external data — a process that traditionally takes months you don’t have to spare.

Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Build agile, production-ready risk models

With better data comes the ability to distill more relevant and robust features for your risk and fraud prediction models. Explorium generates hundreds of features from your enriched datasets, and automatically ranks them based on their relevance and effectiveness to give you an optimal feature set.
Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Discover and connect to the external data you need — fast

When it comes to detecting fraud with machine learning and predicting risk, time spent is time wasted. Spending weeks or months looking for the right external data to support your models cost more than just time. Explorium continuously curates new sources of data and leverages the latest in machine learning to create new signals to identify potential risk. It takes seconds for you to connect to our thousands of sources and enhance your risk and fraud prediction models.

What’s in it for you?

Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Identify risk, faster

Risk requires a fast response, but you shouldn’t sacrifice predictive quality. Explorium lets you speed up detecting fraud with machine learning to find threats, save money, and future-proof your operations. Plus, with faster production, you’re able to be agile in tough situations — think of a new use case and have a model up and running in minutes.
Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Instant impact

In today’s world, risk isn’t an abstract concept — it’s a harsh reality. Explorium’s end-to-end solution lets you deliver results in minutes by connecting you to a catalog of constantly updated risk data and signals, and condensing the data discovery, preparation, and integration process. Deliver ROI uplift and smarter solutions to your organization’s problems now, and not in a week, by integrating with Explorium.
Machine learning fraud prevention, driving better business decisions

Easy explainability

Explorium allows full transparency into algorithms and data sources, so you can feel secure when handling regulations, audits, or other deep-dive questions. Feel comfortable expanding your use cases in seconds using the best available data and signals that can help you better predict the risk landscape and business impact.

“Explorium’s unique value is that it allows us to easily enrich our data sources and also helps us to quickly evaluate the value of these data points in our models. Explorium provides the unique combination of being both a data source provider as well as a modeling platform. In addition to that, Explorium provides great support and expert advice from their data science and product teams.”

Hagit Brosh, Head of Risk, Behalf

"Explorium offers one of the most ingenious and robust data science platforms we've come across. The valuable work we've been able to conduct in Explorium's platform has allowed us to evolve our fraud detection capabilities and mature them significantly in a very short time."

Andrew Stone, CFCI, Director of Fraud Management, OnDeck

"Explorium provides rich alternative data sources that are critical for effective predictive modeling."

Jian Tian, Data Scientist, BlueVine

“The ease of use and flexibility of Explorium allows us to launch new use cases on a monthly basis with minimal effort but maximum impact.”

Nadav Yekutiel, Head of Data,

Risk and fraud leaders across industries use Explorium for supplier risk, anomaly detection, claims management, and more.

Improve risk and fraud models with better data. Instantly.

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