Explorium ML Engine: Putting the “data” back into data science

World’s first data science platform powered by an automated data discovery and feature generation
data science platform by explorium

Explorium ML Engine is the first of its kind Data Science Platform

Powered by automated data discovery and feature generation, Explorium ML Engine democratizes access to external data like never before by automatically connecting your data to thousands of relevant premium, partner, and open data sources and discovering powerful signals and features that drive model impact.

How our platform works

Explorium's automated machine learning platform

Define your goals

Looking to mitigate risk? Predict customer lifetime value? What about forecast demand, optimize ad spend, or create custom experiences? No matter how you’re looking to improve your business with machine learning, Explorium can help.
Explorium's automated machine learning platform

Enrich your data with augmented data discovery

Here’s where the fun starts. Connect your internal data to the Explorium platform and it automatically taps into a universal network of thousands of external data signals — public, premium, and partner. So you can scale your efforts fast, the platform automatically matches your data to the external sources and performs data blending, schema enforcement, and monitoring for you.
Explorium's automated machine learning platform

Get your feature set

With Explorium, every column has meaning. The platform automatically understands your data based on context, engineers and generates features, and presents you with an optimal feature set through an internal ranking mechanism based on feature interactions, feature scoring, and proprietary algorithms.
Explorium's automated machine learning platform

Select your model

Leveraging best-in-class algorithms and a deep understanding of your dataset and features, the platform automatically explores hundreds of potential models and hyperparameter configurations on top of the most impactful features from the most relevant data sources — inside and outside your organization — and serves them to you within the same platform
Explorium's automated machine learning platform


Take your models from the whiteboard to production and drive dependable business impact. Decide instantly if you want to consume features directly or build a model on top of them. Use our Python SDK to interact with the Explorium engine API from your code or work with our user-friendly interface directly. Plus, easily monitor and continuously update production-level models to battle impact decay and ensure they stay relevant.
Explorium's automated machine learning platform

Generate insights

Using external data means the insights from your models have greater context and higher accuracy. Plus, with the time saved by automating a major part of your data science pipeline you have more time to focus on using insights to drive ROI across business functions and departments.

There’s no one way to use Explorium

Interested in accessing only our data or a fully managed data science service? We’ve got something for you too.

No matter who you are, use better data for better business

Explorium empowers all levels of data scientists and business leaders
Learn how automated data discovery and feature generation can impact your business and open your eyes.

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