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Data science as a service from a world-class platform

What is data science as a service (DSaaS)?

Data science as a service allows you to embrace data science for business quickly. If you don’t have data science capabilities in-house or, if you do, but they’re over capacity, DSaaS helps you ramp up your machine learning capabilities fast so you can focus on driving business results.

When you partner with Explorium, we handle the heavy lifting for you. You come with your data and business challenges, and our team of data scientists, data discovery specialists, and business consultants make it happen in a way that doesn't only ensure quick wins but leaves behind the robust tools you need to start building your in-house capabilities.
data science as a service

Experts at your fingertips

As an extension of your team, our data scientists will work with you hand-in-hand to define your use case and help you see ROI. Plus, with the power of the Explorium platform at their disposal, they’ll connect you to thousands of other data sources instantly.
data science as a service

Time is of the essence

When it comes to making smarter business decisions, there’s really no time to waste. Getting up and running with our DSaaS offering takes a matter of hours. Plus, we have a feeling that once you get a taste, you’ll find other ways to use data science for business and our team can easily help you scale fast.
data science as a service

Resources in a snap

Hiring a data scientist or being made a priority for your existing team can mean months of wait time. Utilizing our DSaaS offering means you instantly hire some of the best data scientists in the field as a part of your team, enabling you to kickstart your AI journey with quick results.

How DSaaS with Explorium works:

data science as a service

Meet with our team of world-class experts

You’ll kick off your data science project by chatting with our team of expert data scientists who have dozens of years of experience in data science and algorithm development for publicly traded companies, tech unicorns, and intelligence agencies. Together you’ll define your data science for business goals and what you want to achieve. The use case possibilities are endless — from customer lifetime value and optimized lead generation to supplier risk mitigation and consumer fraud.
data science as a service

Discover better data

Forget using internal resources to parse through all of your data and find additional external sources. Once your use case is defined, our data scientists — with the power of the Explorium platform behind them — will connect your data to thousands of external data sources that can give you better answers, better visibility, and more context.
data science as a service

Machine learning models? Check!

Building a data science-driven strategy can give your business a huge boost, but not if you have to spend months doing it. Our data scientists will also handle your predictive models through the Explorium platform to give you the insights you need without having to get a degree in data science.
data science as a service

The sky is the limit

Trust us, once you get a taste of how data science can help your organization, you’ll think of hundreds of other places you want to use it. Here’s the good news: our DSaaS offering allows you to scale use cases without having to manually acquire more resources within your business.

No matter who you are, use better data for better business

Explorium empowers all levels of data scientists and business leaders

Learn how to jump start your machine learning with an expert team.

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