Meet Explorium

The only Automated External Data Platform for Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
Explorium's automated data science platform
Explorium's unique all-in-one platform gives data scientists, analysts, and business leaders the access to all relevant external data signals they need to drive decision-making.
Explorium's automated data science platform


Our automated external data platform does more than build models. It uses AI to automatically connect you to thousands of data sources and distill the most impactful signals for your predictive question.
Explorium's automated data science platform


Our platform, external data catalog, and data science managed services cover a wide range of needs, from advanced data teams looking to build models with more predictive power to businesses looking to dip their toes into the data science water.
Explorium's automated data science platform


There’s no one way to use Explorium. Easily build and deploy models right from our platform, connect to thousands of external data sources, and scale your use cases for optimal business impact in a matter of hours.

A data-first approach to data science

Data science and analytics teams spend 80% of their time searching, cleaning, connecting, and coding their way through data sources to find the ones that train effective models. In a world where access to algorithms is equal, the only way to bring your models from the sandbox to making an impact in production is with the right data — data you don’t have.
Explorium's automated data science platform

Give your data context

Your data only tells part of the story — what happened to your business. But there’s a great, big world out there that can tell you so much more about what’s going on. You can’t make reliable predictions in a silo.

Train your ML models on relevant data

The data you need is often not the data you have. The old truism “garbage in, garbage out” does not lie. Your models can’t learn what they need to if they’re fed irrelevant data.

Complete the puzzle

Without external data, you only see a fraction of what’s happening to your business and in your industry. No one ever completed a puzzle with half the pieces and said: “it’s perfect!” The same goes for your ML models.

One Explorium, endless ways to use it

Whether you’re already running machine learning models and want an augmented data science platform, are looking for external data sources, or require guidance and an end-to-end managed service — we’ve got a solution for you.

No matter who you are, use better data for better business decisions

Explorium empowers all levels of data scientists, analysts, and business leaders

Worry-free security

We take security and regulatory policies very seriously. As such, our commitment to both is evident in every aspect of our business. Explorium is ISO27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and adheres to stringent security practices to ensure that your organization can deploy Explorium safely and in accordance with your unique security needs. Learn more.

Learn how automated external data discovery and feature generation can very quickly impact your business and deliver results.

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