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Give your predictive models the data they deserve

This is your dataset
We’d like to introduce it to thousands of external sources
We’ll even help make the connection. Automatically.
Because when we combine your data with the most relevant external data
The most powerful features suddenly stand out
And they sure know how to make your models look good

Data Science Reinvented with Automated Data and Feature Discovery

This is where the magic happens. A look under the hood shows our engine hard at work connecting your data with external sources you never considered while extracting features that surprise you while boosting your AUC, rocking your R2 and changing the way you think about data science


Explore new and relevant data sources
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Discover the optimal feature set
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“As data scientists,
our job is to extract signal from noise.”
Daniel Tunkelang
Explorium delivers the end-game of every data science process - from raw, disconnected data to game-changing insights, features, and predictive models. Better than any human can.
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