Organizations across the industry realize that access to external or alternative data is key to their competitive advantage and business success. They are looking for ways to connect to the broader data ecosystems to improve
"It’s clear that organizations are taking external data acquisition very seriously, allocating a significant budget for this task. In 2020, 81% of companies spent more than $100k each month on external data acquisition, and 31%
Risk officers and analysts across financial services companies and banks realize that risk modeling in 2020 requires better data. Even the most sophisticated machine learning models are insufficient without the most relevant risk signals pulled
Understanding and managing risk is crucial for banks to come out on top. As banking becomes more data driven, AI is playing a powerful role in determining the methods and extent to which banks comprehend
Companies understand the value that data provides to their business. Access to relevant data determines the customer experience, risk exposure, or success of new business models. Increasingly, companies are looking outside of their four walls
With the right external data a fast moving consumer goods company experienced a 43% growth in net new business and a 20% gain in existing and former customer accounts. Consumer goods organizations still rely on
External data can help organizations find a competitive edge. By adding important context not found in internal data, you deepen your understanding of customer behavior, sales, and marketing activities, and boost fraud and risk visibility
Unique data can drive differentiation and unlock competitive advantages for businesses today. But many organizations struggle with finding the right data among the disparate data provider and marketplace ecosystem today. As organizations have struggled to
This session focuses about "Why the next big AI/ML accuracy breakthrough won’t come from algorithms or computing power?" Presented by Iris Zarecki, Explorium.ai
There are exciting things happening for grocery retailers. Frictionless checkout aims to eliminate “friction” or pain points during the store checkout process by increasing speed and convenience and dismantling barriers that might make the process
Stop guessing and start using data to build advanced lead generation pipelines directly into your CRM. Use your historical data and enrich it with external data from thousands of sources to create an ideal customer
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