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Forrester report: The state of AI in B2B marketing, 2022

Forrester report: The state of AI in B2B marketing, 2022

Artificial intelligence is a powerful capability that continues to spread across the marketing technology (martech) stack.
Forrester’s Q2 2022 Global State Of AI In B2B Marketing Survey explored the ways B2B organizations are using AI to enhance the experiences of buyers, customers, and the frontline marketers who engage with them.

B2B marketers will gain a greater understanding of what AI is, where it’s present in the B2B martech stack, how it’s being used to deliver value to companies and customers, and common challenges when adopting AI-powered capabilities.


Challenges Vary For B2B Organizations Using AI

According to the report: “High-quality data is essential for AI to be most effective, but few B2B organizations have data that is AI-ready. Only 15% of the respondents to our survey stated their data was “optimized.” More respondents stated their data was “poor” than “optimized.”

“It is no surprise that lack of well-curated, quality data to train an AI system is the top challenge for B2B marketers when using or enhancing AI capabilities. Lack of skills to implement and operate, and privacy concerns with the use of AI to mine customer insights rounded out the top three most selected challenges when using or enhancing AI-enabled technology and capabilities. ”