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Explorium for Sales Operations

Explorium provides the ability to generate, enrich, and score leads, all in one platform.

Finding high-quality leads and breaking through all of the noise online to get their attention is tough. Get the context you need with Explorium’s External Data Platform to reach the prospects that are more likely to convert. Build your sales strategy on complete, high-quality data, and boost revenue.

Don’t rely only on internal data for sales planning and forecasting.


Boost forecasting models and optimize sales processes with external data.
Effective and efficient sales operations depend on good data. It is difficult to make data-driven decisions when you don’t have complete, high-quality data. In a sales environment that is constantly evolving, depending on historical data doesn’t provide the full picture. With the right data, you can build successful sales processes, pipelines, and campaigns that acquire new, high-quality leads that are more likely to convert. Finding and integrating 3rd-party data can be hard. Explorium provides data access and use in one platform. It saves you time on finding relevant data and automatically matches and integrates it with your internal data so you can focus more on building accurate forecasting models and boost revenue.



Get leads for new customer acquisition campaigns.

Don’t let a lack of data prevent you from targeting new audiences. Acquiring data from multiple data sources and integrating them can be painful.Create new target lists for enterprise or SMB customers from scratch with Explorium’s Generate Audiences feature.


Understand your target audiences.

Explorium seamlessly matches, integrates and enriches the data you already have with multiple external data sources. Apply transformations and build data pipelines within the platform.


Build accurate predictive models trained on high-quality data. 

Use Explorium’s Prediction Engine for any ML use cases and see the model uplift instantly.


Learn about how Melio used Explorium to Improve Conversion Rates and Streamline Operations

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Solution Brief
Explorium removes roadblocks associated with finding and integrating external data. Find out how your marketing and sales teams can use Explorium with Salesforce. Read the solution brief for an overview of use cases and how Explorium and Salesforce work together.
Many B2B marketers and sales teams recognize the value of targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
Solution Brief
For all the improvements and innovation in the field, B2B marketing remains bound to two constants: the need to generate net new qualified leads, and the need to convert them into customers.
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