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The External Data Cloud

All data sources - one platform.
Utilize the world’s largest ecosystem of business and contact data to discover new leads, enrich customer profiles, build scoring models -leveraging over 4,000 data signals and vendors.
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Pinpoint, Enrich & Score the Right Kind of Leads—Where You IQM and Sell

Cut data cost, stress and time to value, with 25,000+ standardized attributes in a single platform.
A G2® Spring 2022 High Performer.
Explorium is an external data platform for advanced analytics and machine learning - built to automatically surface, recommend and connect customers with the relevant external attributes (data + signals) they need.
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Create custom segments for research or go-to-market, and focus on the precise audience you need to profit now.

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Quickly find and integrate the most relevant external data signals to enrich advanced analytics and AI data pipelines.

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Harness Explorium's machine learning engine to automatically discover, match and integrate the most impactful external data signals to fuel and optimize your predictive models.

Popular Data Categories by Type

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Person Icon Person Icon Person
Geography Icon Geography Icon Geography
  • Financial performance
  • Business web presence
  • Company growth indicators
  • Organization signals
  • Company workforce trends
  • Domain technologies
  • Web traffic analysis
  • Company search engine results
  • Industry payroll statistics
  • Company registry data
  • Company insights
  • Company ratings by employees
  • Shopping behavior
  • Contact information
  • Employment details
  • Demographic attributes
  • Interests
  • Mortgage information
  • Loan information
  • Phone validation
  • Travel and entertainment
  • IP attributes
  • Insurance information
  • Name statistics
  • Area housing statistics
  • Household demographics
  • Household income
  • Points of interest
  • City crime statistics
  • Commercial foot-traffic
  • Real estate prices
  • Urban and rural information
  • Tourism statistics
  • Population by zipcode
  • Real estate housing Unit Size
  • Prime rates

"Explorium is our go-to partner for all things data. They provide automated access to a wide range of sources and impactful signals, complemented by a strong platform that generates a myriad of features that continually result in more accurate models, driving better business results."


— Einat Aviv, Data Science Director, Bluevine

"As an analytics-driven media agency, we're at the forefront of cutting edge technologies and we use data to help our clients grow. We’re leveraging Explorium's enrichments to give our clients smarter and better predictive guidance."


— Lee Beale, Managing Director, CrossMedia

"By using the Explorium platform we could bring the right models quickly and manage our hyper growth."


— Elad Zoldan, Head of Data, Melio

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