Target the right companies for your products and services and accelerate your sales pipeline

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Technology and software companies are already aware of the benefits of data and analytics.
But finding a competitive edge today requires more than internal data. With the right external data, tech companies can discover new prospects, enrich their internal data to refine customer segments, and enhance predictive lead scoring models with relevant external features that improve their accuracy. Target the right companies for your products and services and accelerate your sales pipeline.

Explorium's automated data science platform


Consolidating external data for analytics is resource and time consuming
Explorium’s External Data Platform centralizes access to public, premium, and proprietary external data for business analysts, data scientists, and business leaders

Transforming, matching, and integrating external data is tedious work
Explorium’s External Data Platform ML capabilities automatically match and integrate external data with your internal data accelerating time to value

Assessing the value of external data is inexact
Explorium’s External Data Platform identifies the relevant external data signals and calculates the uplift in your ML models before deployment

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The right external data is a competitive advantage.
Understanding the broader trends in the market and including that in your analytics and models will improve their performance. Integrate external data with your internal sources to improve decisions and outcomes for your business
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Improve customer conversions
Increased competition and choice has put pressure on technology companies to find ways to boost conversion rates. The challenge is understanding which factors could lead to conversion at the start of the cycle, as soon as users submit an initial form. Reliance on internal data alone offers too narrow a scope. External data allows tech companies to make smarter marketing decisions by understanding which actions would lead to user conversion. As a result tech marketers can design a better user journey to boost revenue and improve customer engagement.
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Optimize marketing efforts through improved customer segmentation
Knowing who your best customers are and what products and services they’re more likely to need allows you to market more effectively to prospects. Send the right message at the right time to improve conversions. External data can enrich your internal information to better understand and target existing and new customers.
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Optimize sales with lead generation and improved lead scoring
There are over  30 millions SMBs in the United States according to the Small Business Administration. Selling to these establishments has always been difficult, many open and close quickly or move to different locations. Supplying  your sales force with the right data and tools to better target these accounts will accelerate your sales process, close business, and build better relationships with your customers. The right data means augmenting your internal data with external data signals that provide deeper insights.
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Melio payments uses Explorium's External Data Platform to improve conversion rates and streamline operations

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