Lower Cost Per Action With Data Science-Driven Ad Bidding

Optimize your bidding strategies to get the most out of every dollar spent on display ads

No matter what digital strategy marketers choose, Google Ads and online programmatic advertising remain one of the key cogs in any plan. The visibility search engine advertising provides is vital to gaining exposure, but the costs can quickly rise if an organization’s ad bidding strategy isn’t managed properly.
The problem

A global company has been attempting to boost its visibility on search and digital media and has invested heavily in programmatic ads as a way to gain quick exposure. However, its ROI has been quite low and its cost-per-click remains too high, as it hasn’t found the right ad bidding strategy and once it does, it has been wasting too much time bidding, causing it to lose out on the optimal window and resulting in worse ROI for each dollar spent.

The solution

Our customer decided to move away from its BI-driven ad-bidding strategy and embrace data-science driven ad-bidding models. Their previous strategy was getting some things right, but because it focused exclusively on internal historic data, it was missing out on contextual details that could improve their bidding efficiency.  The company connected their dataset to Explorium and found several indicators that quickly improved their bidding strategy, including: 

  • Keyword popularity based on social media and search engine activity 
  • CPC based on demographic and regional data per keyword 
  • Search frequency by device and age group
  • Keyword popularity based on time of day and location 
  • Social media mentions and interactions per keyword
The results:

Quick ROI uplift thanks to enhanced training data

Once connected to Explorium, our customer managed to improve their ad bidding strategy by picking better spots and allocating their budget for the highest impact, without overspending. In a few days, they lowered their CPA by over 30% and boosted their ROI by 10% for each ad campaign they had live. This allowed the company to better allocate its spending for ads, as well as capture larger audiences that were more receptive to their ads. The company’s ability to build context and understand the right time and price point to buy ads meant that they were able to significantly reduce their cost per click while ensuring much higher visibility and engagement.

Get the most out of every dollar with data science-driven bidding strategies.

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