Higher Response Rates With Direct Mail Optimization

Boost your direct mail campaigns with smarter targeting from better customer data

Direct mail has become an important tool in any marketer’s toolkit, but its high reward possibility comes with higher resource costs and higher risks. As such, marketers are constantly looking for ways to reduce the uncertainty by finding methods to filter out recipients less likely to respond, and those more likely to turn into opportunities.
The problem

An e-commerce company has leaned heavily into their direct mail channel for a large percentage of their new promotions and events, but they have been getting increasingly high unresponsive rates. Before optimizing their direct mail targeting, the e-commerce company had a response rate that was hovering near 1%, which was eating into their marketing budget and reducing its overall ROI.

The solution

Instead of scrapping its direct mailing program after an initially less-than-stellar effort, the company turned to Explorium to build a smarter optimization model. Using the Explorium Enrichment Catalog, our customer was able to build a broader picture of the right target by adding greater context. The company’s new direct mailing model combined internal sales and engagement data, as well as email, with the following indicators: 

  • Census data that showed older demographics who were likelier to respond 
  • Internet behavior activity that excluded younger users likelier to prefer digital communications 
  • Previous purchase data for similar categories, prioritizing those coming from direct mail
  • Information regarding hobbies and interests to identify those who match the company’s services
  • Tech-orientation scores that indicate greater comfort with direct mail over digital
The results:

Instant ROI uplift with Explorium

After connecting to Explorium, the company’s direct mail efforts saw a rapid 24% uplift in response rates as mail was directed exclusively at those most likely to respond. More importantly, the company saw a 14% boost in its ROI from direct mail in a matter of weeks. This translated into better per-customer revenues as a result of each dollar spent on direct mail. The higher response rates also translated into greater engagement and visits to the company’s online store.

Boost direct mail campaigns with smarter targeting from better customer data.
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