Ecommerce Company Boosts Their Overall Facebook Retargeting Revenues by 43% With Explorium

Explorium helps you classify, target, and retain customers who visit your website to boost your revenues

Targeting those potential sales that got away remains a major challenge for ecommerce companies. Loyal customers are easier to make new sales to, but those that wander away before completing an order, or those that simply made one small purchase and didn’t return are still vital to overall success. The issue is understanding which behaviors, actions, and interactions could indicate a potential customer might be interested in future purchases, and where to best allocate marketing dollars.
The problem

A major ecommerce company used a rules-based retargeting model that, while successful, continued to let many potential customers slip by because they don’t meet the specific behaviors marked as rules. As a result, the company’s existing system, which is time- and resource-intensive, was leaving potential revenue on the table. More importantly, the company was using tools that couldn’t give them immediate feedback on their marketing strategies for Facebook ad placements, leaving little room to course-correct if its tactics didn’t pan out.

The solution

Using Explorium, the company built a working dynamic model that was ready for production. This new model uses the company’s internally collected datasets and focuses on several key aspects to qualify leads, including: 

  • The number of  page views users had, which showed a high correlation to conversions
  • The number of items in a cart
  • The price of items being looked at
  • The time it takes for users to return to the website 
  • The devices being used to shop 

Explorium end-to-end data science platform then integrates with Facebook to run the right campaigns for the most promising leads. 

The results:

A rapid uplift in retargeting success and revenues

After deploying their model, our customer saw almost immediate results. After integrating Explorium into their targeting models, the company: 


  • Boosted their revenues derived from Facebook retargeting by 43%
  • Increased the overall effectiveness of their Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Reduced the TCO of adopting ML models thanks to Explorium onboarding


Moreover, the company is now able to predict the most likely shoppers and put users on unique buying journeys that will result in better sales. 


More importantly, the company did not have prior knowledge or experience with machine learning models. Explorium offered onboarding and education services for the company’s team and guided them through the transition. This helped our customer immediately start using their data to train new models on Explorium and see results rapidly.

Get the most out of every dollar with data science-driven retargeting strategies.

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