Reduced Acquisition Costs For Content Catalogs Using Viewership Predictions

Choose the winning combination of content every time with data science-backed insights and predictions

As more content streaming and distribution platforms emerge, finding the right blend of new and existing content requires understanding not just previous popularity, but how likely a piece of content is to be seen in the future. However, predicting trends in viewership can become difficult without the right metrics and data.
The problem

Our customer was looking to expand their content catalog with assets that will result in high viewership and thus provide higher revenues. The company was only using a few standard data points to predict whether each content asset would be successful. This resulted in the company overpaying for some assets that didn’t pan out, as well as filling their platform with content that, while receiving clicks and views, has not justified the platform’s spending on them. Our customer needed to verify that the content they’re purchasing is the right one.

The solution

With Explorium’s Enrichment Catalog, the company built a new evaluation model that could more accurately predict whether specific assets would perform well. Our customer connected their data to Explorium, and generated the following new features to measure content success: 

  • The popularity of performers and creators involved in the content 
  • Sentiment analysis based on social media and website ratings
  • External cultural and social trends that point to the popularity of certain content
  • Torrent statistics that point to content popularity by download volume
The results:

More accurate predictions and reduced acquisition costs

Once they made the switch to Explorium, the results were immediate. The first noticeable difference was that the company’s prediction accuracy jumped by 14%, leading to better selection and overall higher revenues per asset. Additionally, using Explorium helped the company reduce its overall data-related costs by 20%, which translated to thousands of dollars saved every month. Today, our customer can more accurately build their content catalog with assets that are likelier to be viewed, reducing their acquisition costs and boosting their viewership — and thus revenues.

Predict content viewership behavior to make better decisions and reduce spend.

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