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Company data refers to information about any organization. This includes all types of organizations such as small, medium, large businesses, and non-for-profit organizations, which can be prospects, customers, partners, suppliers, distributors, or competitors. In a B2B scenario customer companies are also referred to as Accounts. Company data is used by teams across use cases in marketing, sales, risk, and BI to understand an organization in order to build better relationships, offer better products, or make other informed business decisions. 

Some examples of company data are: 

  • Basic information:
    • NAICS/SIC code
    • Industry
    • Key contacts (CEO, VP Sales, etc.)
    • Search trends
  • Economic information:
    • Annual revenue
    • Number of sales
    • Payroll
    • Growth and stability indicators 
  • Technology information:
    • Website traffic and trends
    • Technology used by the organization
    • Global and regional website rank
    • Web presence

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