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Data Warehouse

A Data Warehouse is a relational database that is designed and built for data queries and analytics, decision making, and business intelligence activities. It’s proving to be more effective than transaction processing and other traditional database solutions.

It must be subject-oriented, which means that it should be possible to define them by their subject.

Why are data warehouses important ?

A warehouse can be deployed specifically to analyze the sales data of the company. It can then answer questions such as "what were the best customers for this product last year?"

With Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), organizations can unlock insights from their operations through interactive, iterative access to stored data. This allows business leaders to improve decision-making by making queries to examine processes, performance, and business trends.

A Data Warehouse can be used to manage, and improve a company's performance. It can also be used to track and edit marketing campaigns, review and optimize logistics and operations, or to improve the efficiency of product development.

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