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Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic is a multi-valued logic where the truth values of variables - instead of being true or false - are reals between 0 and 1. In this sense, it extends the Boolean logic classic with partial truth values. It consists of taking various numerical factors into account to arrive at a decision that one wishes to accept. Softening Boolean algebra, fuzzy logic replaces the truth value of a proposition to be chosen in {true, false} by a degree of truth, to be chosen for example in [0, 1]. In fuzzy logic, there are therefore degrees in the satisfaction of a condition.

Example of its application in real life :

A simple and ancient example of application is docimology, which is the evaluation of pupils in a class: in each discipline. It is then evaluated by a score between 0 (bad) and 20 (exceptional) to estimate the pupil level for a particular orientation by weighting these grades with various coefficients according to the orientation considered.

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