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Driving the
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Automatically connect to thousands of sources and
discover the features that drive accurate models

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Automated data and
feature discovery for
machine learning

Explorium is driving a new paradigm in the world of data science - one where companies can build models on the data they need, not the data they have. Discover the only end to end data science platform that focuses on superior data for machine learning.

data science platform data science platform

Explorium empowers data
businesses across all

"Explorium offers one of the most ingenious and robust data science platforms we've come across. The valuable work we've been able to conduct in Explorium's platform has allowed us to evolve our fraud detection capabilities and mature them significantly in a very short time."
Andrew Stone, CFCI, Director of Fraud Management at OnDeck
“The ease of use and flexibility of Explorium allows us to launch new use cases on a monthly basis with minimal effort but maximum impact.”
Nadav Yekutiel, Head of Product Analytics,
"Explorium provides rich alternative data sources that are critical for effective predictive modeling."
Jian Tian, Data Scientist, BlueVine
"Explorium provides my data science and analysts team the tools to quickly and efficiently bring in rich external data and model a multitude of scenarios in little time. Being in the FinTech space, Explorium's help in small business screening around both fraud and risk reduction has saved my team (and company) countless hours on both data integrations and modeling."
Hagit Brosh, Head of Risk, Behalf
"A tool like this is something we always wished we had."
Kirk Borne, The Principal Data Scientist & Data Science Fellow, and Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton
Superior ML models with the accuracy you need,
stemming from features that matter.
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