Give your predictive models the data they deserve

Automatically enrich your data with thousands of relevant data sources to discover powerful new features for your machine learning models.

This is your dataset
We’d like to introduce it to thousands of external sources
We’ll even help make the connection. Automatically.
Because when we combine your data with the most relevant external data
The most powerful features suddenly stand out
And they sure know how to make your models look good

Your model is only as good as the data that trained it

Explorium is an automated data science platform that discovers new data and features for superior machine learning models.Data science-driven companies utilize Explorium to harness the power of quality data and gain a competitive edge.

Data _ Features _ Models

The best models from the best data

  • Enrich

    Enrich your own datasets by accessing thousands of
    new data sources
  • Discover

    Discover the best features that will improve the accuracy and precision of your models
  • Build

    Build your models on the optimal feature set and take it all the way to production
Discover thousands of new data sources
for your ML models today
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Build the future of data science with us

Explorium creates products that leverage the true potential of quality data. We’re looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team and help our customers drive new discovery and growth.

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