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“Obtaining quality training data for AI tasks is cumbersome and, at times, not even an option because the data is scarce, partial, incomplete, difficult to collect or unavailable for a specific business problem. However, vendors are now working to enrich models with external data that can add to more contextual awareness in AI projects”

Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies, May 2021

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External Data Simplified

Organizations today understand the need for external data. Acquiring relevant external data comes with several challenges: it is hard to access, tedious to use, sustained relevance isn’t guaranteed, and it can be high risk with regards to compliance. 

How can organizations quickly obtain and utilize the right external data? 

Enter Explorium; an end-to-end data-science platform which accelerates time to insights with automated data discovery and utilization for analytics and machine learning. Explorium eliminates the barriers to acquiring the right external data and integrates it into your predictive models for improved accuracy. 

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The right technology
to leverage the
world’s data

Augmented Data Science Platform

External Data Access
Instantly connect to the data you need

With the increasing amount of available data sources, acquiring external data can be a resource-heavy process with no guarantee of providing the right insights. Explorium’s external data platform provides access to all of the relevant data sources you need. The searchable external data gallery instantly connects you to a variety of data such as company, people, geospatial, and time-based data.
Augmented Data Science Platform

Data Enrichment
Find and integrate the most relevant external data signals

Explorium’s Signal Studio provides data enrichment that enables data scientists and analysts to find and integrate the most relevant external data signals for their advanced analytics pipelines. With signal studio you can enrich your internal data by matching it with relevant external data signals and use it in your preferred analytics, BI, or visualization solutions.
Augmented Data Science Platform

Automated Data Discovery & Feature Generation
Experience the impact of external data

Explorium’s data-science platform not only provides access to external data, but it automatically shows you which data sources and features will provide the best model uplifts. Explorium’s ML Engine enriches your data with augmented data-discovery, generates an optimal feature set, and builds models that drive demonstrable business impact.

No matter who you are, use better data for better business

Explorium empowers all levels of data scientists and business leaders
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“Explorium is our go-to partner for all things data. They provide automated access to a wide range of sources and impactful signals, complemented by a strong platform that generates a myriad of features that continually result in more accurate models, driving better business results. Explorium is a great partner and our first stop when developing a new model."

Einat Aviv, Data Science Director, Bluevine
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“The ease of use and flexibility of Explorium allows us to launch new use cases on a monthly basis with minimal effort but maximum impact.”

Nadav Yekutiel, Head of Data, GlassesUSA.com
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“By using the Explorium platform we could build the right models quickly and manage our hyper growth.”

Elad Zoldan, Head of Data, Melio
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“Explorium's data enrichment helps complement our own internal data and even helped us identify non-traditional predictive signals we didn't know were out there. Better data ensures better predictive models, which obviously helps us translate the reduced risk and higher revenue to our bottom line."

Ryan McNeill, Manager, Fraud and Risk Management, OnDeck
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“Signal Studio enriches our existing data sources and helps us quickly assess their value in our models. We chose Explorium for its unique combination of external data sources and a modeling platform all in one — not to mention the excellent support and expert advice from Explorium’s data science and product teams.”

Mirit Hirsh-Nuri, Senior Director of Credit and Fraud Risk at Behalf
nova consulting

“Explorium is about breakthroughs — breakthroughs in the search for external data for machine learning, breakthroughs in the search for the most relevant data for my model, breakthroughs in that it’s not a one-off, but a continuous process, and breakthroughs for our data ingestion, cleansing, and model monitoring. Explorium permanently searches for data enrichment and improvement, which perfectly fits in the current, uncertain climate and helps us to be permanently adaptive and push forward in our quest for constant improvement.”

Nicolas Harlé, General Manager at Nova Consulting Group

"As an analytics-driven media agency, we're at the forefront of cutting edge technologies and we use data to help our clients grow. We’re leveraging Explorium's enrichments to give our clients smarter and better predictive guidance."

Lee Beale, Managing Director, CrossMedia

How can Explorium help your business?

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gartner peer

“The platform is intuitive and simple to use - the library of external signals is extensive - the platform can very quickly tell me the ROI of using external data in my project.”

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Director of Data Partnerships,
Financial Services

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"Explorium is a fantastic data enrichment product that greatly assists our organization in making informed financial decisions for our customer database."

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Senior Director, Credit And Fraud Risk,
Financial Services

gartner peer

"We asked the world of Explorium, and they delivered."

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SVP, Strategy & Analytics,

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