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About us

Data is the new
competitive advantage

Machine learning models are unlocking the power of data and revolutionizing the way organizations run their business across industries.

All learning needs context to flourish – information surrounding the predictive problem at hand – but potential sources are vast and varied. Finding the relevant data out there is a time consuming, labour intensive and frustrating process that was vying for intelligent automation.

Who we are

We are product-driven data scientists, engineers and builders that having been building data products through our entire careers to impact millions of users. In our experience, great data doesn’t come in one neatly packaged dataset embodying all the answers.

We believe in piecing together the big picture from the wealth of information around us, and not settling for anything less than actionable results. We built Explorium for those who don’t settle either, because getting the best data for your model shouldn’t be a painstaking ordeal. In fact, it should be as easy as using a search engine – indicate what you are after and have the most relevant brought and ranked for you.

With Explorium, the most relevant data comes to you, and the most powerful features are extracted automatically so you can build predictive models that don’t compromise.

Explorium founders

  • MAOR SHLOMO Co-Founder & CEO
    Maor's passion for building great data products stems from his military intelligence service, where his own poor user experience dealing with data variety challenges led him to create an award-winning data mining platform and lead data science projects. In his last role Maor served as CTO of Mystore-E, an innovative computer vision based platform for retail stores.
  • OR TAMIR Co-Founder & COO
    Or is an experienced business and product leader with a track record of building data-driven products and companies that help their customers achieve high growth and market dominance. ​Prior to founding Explorium, Or established and led product, strategy, and growth activities as senior vice president at Natural Intelligence, the hyper-growth global leader in comparison marketing.
  • OMER HAR Co-Founder & CTO
    Omer is a data science and software engineering veteran with a decade of experience building machine learning models that drive big businesses forward. After honing his craft at Microsoft Research, Omer led data science teams for AdTech unicorn ironSource by establishing and architecting high scale machines that generate revenue to the tune of
    9-digits annually.

Build the future of data science with us.

Explorium creates products that leverage the true potential of quality data. We’re looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team and help drive our customers to become market leaders.