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Setting the standard
for secure data acquisition

Because top-notch data acquisition demand world-
class data security and privacy strategy


Explorium’s robust approach to
analytics and machine learning
data security eases the most
complex compliance headaches.

Privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA make external data
management harder than ever.

Our compliance certifications, safeguarding policies, technologies
and best practices take the risks out of putting your data to work –
helping you to realize your advanced analytics and ML ambitions
with secure data acquisition.

Your data is safe with us in transit and rest, thanks to our best-in-class industry standards encryption
From industry security, privacy, and quality certifications to internal audits, we test it all
Our employees are trained, tested and committed to compliance with security and privacy regulations

How we put your mind at ease


Industry-leading certifications

We’re security obsessed… but we wouldn’t expect you to simply take our word for it. That’s why we’ve worked hard to comply with SOC 2 Type 2 strict demands, as well as ISO 27001 security, ISO27701 privacy and ISO9001 quality certifications. These certifications offer the gold standard frameworks for creating, implementing, and maintaining an information security, privacy and quality Management System (ISMS \ PIMS \ QMS) you can rely on.


Regular audits

To make sure our standards never slip, we submit to an annual, external audit by a respected Big Four cybersecurity firm. We also perform our own, internal security audits once a year. We run regular risk assessments, too.


Penetration tests

It’s vital to keep on top of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. That’s why we conduct penetration tests on a yearly basis, as well as every time we issue a major release to our product code or platform architecture.


Dedicated team

Led by a dedicated Chief Information & Security Officer (CISO), our security management team is committed to meeting all security, risk assessment and compliance requirements. Meanwhile, our team of secure data acquisition experts evaluates all the data sources and data providers we work with based on strict policies and standards.

Your reputation depends on your external data management strategy.

Make sure you put data security and privacy compliance
at the heart of what you do – and that your partners and vendors do the same.