filter and wrapper methods
August 11, 2019 Aviv Nutovitz Data Science

Demystifying Feature Selection: Filter vs Wrapper Methods

Feature selection algorithms are increasingly growing in significance. In this article, we will cover (and compare) two popular feature selection methodologies - Filter and Wrapper.

shap partial dependence plot
July 24, 2019 Maël Fabien Data Science

Interpretability and explainability (Part 2)

The whole idea behind interpretable and explainable ML is to avoid the black box effect.

feature discovery
June 23, 2019 Omer Har Data Science

The spectrum of complexity

Demystifying the old battle between transparent, explainable models and more accurate, complex models.

automated data analysis
June 16, 2019 Maor Shlomo Automation

Why automating data science will kill the BI industry

Machine learning models are mathematical models that leverage historical data to uncover patterns which can help predict the future to a certain degree of accuracy. And

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