Data Management Strategy Guide
November 24, 2021 Stephen Archut Data Acquisition

How to incorporate an External Data Platform into your data management strategy

Organizations today focus on generating insights based on their internal data sources such as their CRM tools and data warehouses. To most organization's, the value of

The Modern Data Stack Depicted
November 15, 2021 Stephen Archut Data Architecture

External Data Platforms as Part of the Modern Data Stack

A modern data stack, or a modern data architecture, is a suite of tools that helps businesses manage, integrate, and analyze their data to proactively uncover

How to Predict Customer Behavior
October 28, 2021 Stephanie Casola External Data for eCommerce

How Marketers Can Predict Customer Behavior Using External Data 

Using the right data signals to boost eCommerce sales eCommerce businesses today recognize that predictive analytics - a discipline that helps marketers use customer data to

5 reasons why feature engineering is challenging
October 25, 2021 Stephanie Casola Feature Engineering

5 Reasons Why Feature Engineering is Challenging

Feature engineering is an important part of leveraging big datasets. Even with the right technical skills and domain knowledge, it can still be a time consuming

External Data for Business
October 4, 2021 External Data

Powering Your Business With External Data

How External Data Can Elevate Data Analytics and Machine Learning To New Heights Data is valuable. It helps uncover valuable insights, understand the customer experience, analyze

AI and Risk Management
September 26, 2021 Stephanie Casola AI for FinTech

Banking, Risk Management, and AI

If you missed the fascinating “Banking, Risk Management, and AI” panel at the Ai4 virtual conference, read on for a quick summary of what was discussed.

Machine Learning for Consumer Insights
August 31, 2021 Stephanie Casola Consumer Goods

The Guide to External Data and Machine Learning for Consumer Insights

How the right external data can fuel machine learning for consumer insights.  The consumer goods industry has changed significantly in the past few decades, fueled by

External Data
August 9, 2021 Data Acquisition

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying External Data

The value of external data might be apparent, but are you ready to purchase it?  Data is the key to solving analytical problems. Just as organizations

External Data Platform=
July 29, 2021 Data Acquisition

The Business Value and Benefits of an External Data Platform

Data is a necessary component of modern organizations, revealing how consumers behave, how they think, and what they want. It can also help organizations mitigate risk

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