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Data Enrichment for
Machine Learning

Find the most relevant data for
your predictive models

Contextual understanding

The platform recognizes the meaning behind your datasets in order to make connections to the best enrichment sources possible.

Data discovery at scale

Explorium leverages its rapidly growing access to thousands of data sources online, as well as your own internal silos, to discover the most relevant datasets for the predictive challenge at hand.

Data harmonization for machine learning

Automatically combining and unifying multiple relevant sources with your target dataset enables the platform to harmonize the collective data for the feature and model building stages.
“Talented data scientists leverage data that everybody sees; visionary data scientists leverage data that nobody sees.”
Vincent Granville, Data Science Pioneer

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Explorium delivers the end-game of every data science process - from raw, disconnected data to game-changing insights, features, and predictive models. Better than any human can.
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