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3 Critical Use Cases That Marketing Leaders Must Implement Today

Marketing in the past decade has become defined by its reliance on data to drive strategies.

Understanding customers and potential buyers lets marketers build campaigns that drive higher ROI. The only issue with this model is that it depended mostly on your own internal data.

Using internal data is great when you assume that current conditions are going to remain unchanged — a dicey proposition even in the best of times. To make an impact with your marketing even in uncertain times, you need to take your own data and enhance it with external data that can give you a greater perspective. Even so, it can be hard to find the right tools to help gain this greater visibility for marketing use cases.

So, how can marketers chart a course forward? How can marketers find the data they need to understand this new reality?

This solution brief breaks down:

  • Marketing use cases that every marketing leader should implement now
  • How to leverage external data for better campaigns
  • How data science as a service can serve up marketing use cases quickly when you don’t have the resources you need in-house.