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Explorium and Nova Consulting Partner to Power Business Decisions Through Data Science-Driven Consulting

Explorium’s data science platform automatically discovers data that drives predictive models for Nova’s strategic advice, insights, and activation

San Mateo, Calif.– December 1, 2020 – Explorium, providers of the first data science platform powered by augmented data discovery, announced today that it has partnered with Nova Consulting Group, a leading data strategy and consulting boutique. With Explorium’s robust data enrichment and machine learning capabilities, Nova builds faster and more accurate predictive models to give its clients the most relevant decision-making recommendations and strategic advice for maximizing ROI.

“Explorium is the greatest startup that I’ve encountered over the last several years,” said Nicolas Harlé, General Manager at Nova Consulting Group. “This partnership expedites our client’s digital transformation, helping them to achieve their data science capabilities and meaningfully advancing their decision-making, sooner.”

Nova focuses on ROI analysis and optimization across diverse industries, including automotive, finance, energy, consumer goods, food, and entertainment. Nova provides both a quantitative and financial approach for those industries where such performance indicators are lacking. In particular, the Nova Lab platform supports customer growth through data, AI, and innovation.

Using Explorium’s unique data enrichment and modeling capabilities, Nova’s data scientists get access to thousands of data sources and signals from Explorium’s Enrichment Catalog, which are automatically combined with their internal datasets and used to generate impactful features. The resulting models not only have higher predictive power but are also built in minutes rather than months, which allows Nova to give timely strategic advice to their customers.

“We’re proud of our partnership with Nova. They help drive innovation for many reputable companies and truly demonstrate the value that the right data can contribute to understanding market conditions and informing critical business decisions,” said Zach Booth, Director of Global Partnerships and Business Development. “Nova really gets data, and Explorium is a passport to the world of alternative data, ensuring that every variable is considered and tested for its impact on predictions and then rapidly integrated into predictive models.”

Explorium’s data science platform is being used by Nova in its consultancy work across multiple market sectors globally, including automotive, finance, energy, consumer goods, food, and entertainment.

About Explorium

Explorium offers a first of its kind data science platform powered by augmented data discovery and feature engineering. By automatically connecting to thousands of external data sources and leveraging machine learning to distill the most impactful signals, the Explorium platform empowers data scientists and business leaders to drive decision-making by eliminating the barrier to acquire the right data and enabling superior predictive power.

For more information, visit www.explorium.ai

About Nova Consulting

Nova Consulting is a leading strategy consulting boutique focused on return on investment analysis and optimization in highly emotion-steeped industries. Nova Consulting provides a quantitative and financial approach for those industries where such performance indicators are lacking. Nova’s unique approach is based on a specialized expertise and a knowledgeable leadership stemming from its data collection and analysis methods, which include more than 2 million surveys performed each year.

For more information, visit www.nova-consulting.eu