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Explorium Partners with Snowflake, Providing Access to Thousands of External Data Signals

Snowflake users can quickly enrich data models for CPG, marketing,
financial services and more

SAN MATEO, Calif — December 9, 2021 —  Explorium today announced that it is partnering with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to give Snowflake customers access to Explorium’s vast collection of external data via Snowflake Data Marketplace, providing new insight into their business and enabling them to make timelier, more accurate decisions.

Explorium’s External Data Platform automatically identifies relevant data signals to improve analytics and machine learning models. With Explorium’s bidirectional connector, Snowflake customers can quickly find the data they need and combine it with their own data sources to generate new datasets, enrich internal data sets with relevant signals, and leverage automatic feature discovery and selection for machine learning. Explorium automatically harmonizes thousands of data signals from hundreds of sources and matches them with internal data, immediately improving model performance and reducing time to insight.

“Data has become the new differentiator. In a world where the competitor with the best data wins, businesses can’t afford to limit themselves. They need ready access to data from outside their four walls, ” said Omer Har, Co-Founder and CTO of Explorium. “With Explorium, Snowflake customers can tap into thousands of external data signals and enrich their models with the data that delivers the biggest impact for their business.” 

Explorium External Data Platform is now available on Snowflake Data Marketplace, supporting key use cases for Snowflake customers including:

  • External Data for Financial Services: Financial service providers collect enormous amounts of data from their customers. Now they can enrich this data with third-party data from Explorium, improving the predictive power of their machine-learning models and analytics.
  • External Data for CPGs: As consumer buying behavior shifts online, CPG companies need to expand and grow new D2C channels, making decisions based on analytics — and the right data. By augmenting their internal data with external data, they can achieve deeper insights and a more holistic view of their customers, growing their business faster than they thought possible.
  • Augmented Data Science for Marketing: The Explorium platform will automatically surface new and powerful predictive signals for predictive models by enriching data with better geographic, time-series, personal and commercial context, yielding a quantifiable improvement in the accuracy of predictive decision-making. 

Built with Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing technology,  Snowflake Data Marketplace enables users to easily find, share and list content.

“Our partnership with Explorium gives our customers an easy way to improve predictive models with external data signals on Exporium’s intelligent platform,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Data Marketplace at Snowflake. “Enterprises expend significant resources finding and accessing the most relevant third-party data. A single, integrated platform that streamlines that process, like Snowflake, opens up the vast world of external data for users and is a real competitive advantage. With Explorium, our customers can now easily access and use their vast collection of external data.”


About Explorium

Explorium provides the first External Data Platform to improve Analytics and Machine Learning. Explorium enables organizations to automatically discover and use thousands of relevant data signals to improve predictions and ML model performance. Explorium External Data Platform empowers data scientists and analysts to acquire and integrate third-party data efficiently, cost-effectively and in compliance with regulations. With faster, better insights from their models, organizations across fintech, insurance, consumer goods, retail and e-commerce can increase revenue, streamline operations and reduce risks. Explorium works with global brands like GlassesUSA, BlueVine, OnDeck and Behalf to enhance AI models for use cases including lead scoring, identifying default risk and fraud, and upleveling analytics. Learn more at www.explorium.ai.

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