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    The holiday season is almost here, but the pace at Explorium continues to be high. Here are the latest product and data developments designed to make your work smoother and more focused.

    Explorium’s Hubspot connector – Enrich leads and develop new prospects from ICPs

    The Explorium Hubspot connector integrates the data you’ve already collected in your Hubspot – account information, contacts and leads –  with Explorium’s unparalleled data. Users can enrich any object in Hubspot with attributes pulled from Explorium’s industry leading catalog of companies and contact data, developing specific queries to optimize the data for their specific needs. 

    Learn more about Explorium’s Hubspot connector

    New bundle release: ‘Technographics’

    Data category unlocked! This data bundle provides an overview of the internal technologies used by companies. Technographic data is commonly used for lead scoring and lead filtering use cases. The Technographic bundle combines data collected from multiple legacy data vendors and publicly available data leveraging Explorium’s data inference models. 

    Receive an added layer of data points for use cases involving lead scoring and filtering.

    Bundle info:

    • Sourced from market leaders in technographic data.
    • Updates quarterly
    • Technographic data is available for over 2.5M companies in the US
    • Covers 23K different technologies in 21 different categories

    Explore technographics data on our data catalog

    Bundle improvement: ‘Firmographics’

    Access essential information on global companies, including revenue range, company size, industry codes, and more. This data source combines and cross-checks information between multiple data sources to provide as much coverage and accuracy as possible.

    Improvements made:

    • 2 brand new sources were onboarded into Firmographics’ bundle repositories. A multi-step process involving quality validation, cleansing, incorporation with Explorium’s entity resolution algorithms, and much more. Improvement results:
      • Inventory increase of 13.5M new location entities, out of which 8M are in the US.
      • Fill rate increase of ~9%

    Explore firmographics data on our data catalog

    Contact data: Coverage improvement for Canadian contacts

    Access ~19M new contacts for Canadian employees and professionals in the following data bundles: ‘Business contacts directory’ and ‘Contacts for professional individuals’

    Enrich your data with: Contacts for professional individual 

    • If matching specific individuals with the company they work for is the aim.
    • Use case is inbound lead enrichment
    • Your enrichable data classifications include: Phone number or email address

    Enrich your data with: Business contacts directory

    • If generating contacts for a list of specific companies is the aim.
    • Use case is outbound lead enrichment
    • Your enrichable data classifications include: Business URL

    Explore business contacts directory on our data catalog

    Rule based scoring

    • Define and build a rule-based model to assist with scoring, segmenting, and ranking leads and records. Click on “Score” and add your scoring model.

    New “Jump” capabilities

    • Add new steps at every point of the recipe! Click after each step to view your data and add a step by clicking the “Add Step” button. You can add any type of step. 
    • Download the output at every stage of the recipe.  Jump to any step of the recipe, and download the full dataset. Available only for full data download. 

    Expanded searching criterias in the Generate flow 

    • Refine contacts audience search by using NAICS code under industry field.