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TAM & Strategic Analysis

Accurately identify your TAM and help propel your business forward

Revamp your strategy by leveraging Explorium’s ability to create tailor-made data signals for your key business questions

We work where you are
We integrate easily with your CRM and keep it up to date

Case Study

Global industrial manufacturer uses Explorium data to perform strategic, data-driven market analyses

Enterprise-grade security & privacy

Hear from our customers

“With Explorium, we have access to an incredibly broad range of data sources we use to build models that help us achieve our business goals.”
Amit Moran, VP Data
“Explorium’s vast external data catalog provides a single, consolidated source for all our data needs.”
Mor Nitzan, Sales Growth Analytics Lead
“The accuracy and immediate availability of information about relevant leads is changing the dynamics of our sales process.”
Ron Ben-Haim, Sr. Product Manager
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