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Lead scoring & qualification

Zero in on the prospects that matter most

Work with Explorium to create robust predictive scoring models that prioritize leaders with the highest potential for ROI

We work where you are
We integrate easily with your CRM and keep it up to date

“By using Explorium we could build the right models quickly and manage our hyper growth”


Uplift in conversion rate


Improvement in operational efficiency

Enterprise-grade security & privacy

Hear from our customers

“The accuracy and immediate availability of information about relevant leads is changing the dynamics of our sales process.”
Ron Ben-Haim, Sr. Product Manager
“Through Explorium, we can customize the data to fit our unique business logic.”
Mor Nitzan, Sales Growth Analytics Lead
“Explorium saves a lot of the data costs and time associated with making a credit decision.”
Joe Salvatore, Chief Risk
Idea Financial
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