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    Our data is a core element of our offering. Transforming the data at scale is key to our customers’ success. Here are a few recent additions to our solution that allow easier and quicker data transformations, as well as some recent data bundle improvements.

    Change sample size

    You can now change sample size and run the recipe on your entire data without download

    How does it work?

    • When adding an enrichment step, a sample size option will be available.
    • Once you change it, it will re-run the recipe 
    • Once you change the sample size, every additional step will run with the new sample size you choose.

    New Remove duplicates step

    New step that enables users to dedupe their data by defining which columns define a unique entity. Option to define a ranking column to decide which row to keep.

    Option to view step related columns

    Per step, you can now view all the columns associated with this step, using the ‘eye’ icon.

    Also notice the new column colors and the step index on each column (indicating the step the column was originated from)

    Data Bundle improvement: Webstack

    Enrich a domain or URL to access an overview of the technologies used to construct a website. Technologies are identified by ‘indicative signals’ from the domain that are affected by the website forming technologies. Additional metadata found on the website is accessible in this bundle. This bundle is updated dynamically, with the oldest accessible record dating 3 months. (This bundle was formerly named ‘Domain technologies’)

    Bundle improvements:

    Improved performance

    Naming changes to improve user experience