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    Read about our newest platform enhancements in this blog post which reviews recent changes to the way you work with the Explorium platform. You’ll be pleased with new options and features that give you more control in defining your data needs.

    The Generate flow

    • Improved Generate experience: A newly interactive filter panel allows users to view results while tuning search criteria.
    • Exclude previously consumed rows: Ensure only net new results are generated. In this new checkbox, users can now exclude generated data that was consumed previously.
    • Expanded Generate search criteria: Refine your audience generation using Revenue, Company Name, and Number of Locations.


    Central integrations management panel:  In a simplified flow, users can now define their CRM/DB connections once and manage them in a dedicated area.

    Batch job API

    Batch Job API: Batch jobs can now be triggered via API, enabling additional automation options to integrate a recipe data pipeline.

    Recipe improvements

    • Run on full: Transform or Filter steps applied before an Enrichment will apply to the full set of data, providing better visibility of expected results.
    • Improved filtering: Filters applied to columns containing discrete categories now provide a multi-select dropdown for easier list selection.

    Enrich combinations

    • When Enriching data with a certain bundle, users can now select which columns will be used for matching. 
    • By clicking the “Select” options, up to 10 recommended combinations will be available for selection. Each option is further customizable. The edit allows the addition, removal, and/or replacement of columns used for the matching.

    Filter step enhancements

    • It is now possible to Filter by choosing from a list of available values as well as searching for them.
    • The list shows a list of the unique values in a given column. By scrolling through the list, you can see up to 100 values. By searching, you can easily find the desired values that exist in the column.

    Download the column source with the csv

    • Users can choose to add the source of the columns to the csv file.
    • Source option per column: Core, Transformation, or Bundle Name.