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    When it comes to virtual events, two things are universally true. One, we’ve seen it all this year: the awkward, the intimate and everything in between. Two, we’re all various stages of Zoom fatigue, but the invitations just keep coming. You can’t commit to everything that gets thrown your way. So, how do you prioritize? 

    To help you firm up your early May virtual events calendar, we’d like to make the case for attending the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit May 4-6, 2021. 

    Reason to attend #1: You’re a CDO, data science leader, or a business analyst

    Even better if you’re a CDO, data science leader, or a business analyst trying to build a resilient, data-centric culture. You’ll learn how to build scalable data and analytics strategies, develop leadership skills to bridge the innovation gap and learn which vendors are hot or not . Whether you’re technical or strictly business, culture or strategy-focused, there’s a content track for you.


    Reason to attend #2: FOMO on industry-driving conversations

    This isn’t your average webinar. This is a Summit delivered by Gartner, the voice in enterprise business research. You already know your peers will be talking about that keynote speech, that buzzy new tool, that totally unexpected data trend. With a range of interactive formats, from workshops and roundtables to vendor “bake-offs,” the Summit promises never a dull moment. 


    Reason to attend #3: Watch Explorium demo “Find and Use the Data You Need  – To Fuel Better Decisions” 

    That’s right, we’re showcasing our product on May 4 at 2:25 PM ET! During this 15-minute demonstration we show you how the External Data Platform works in action, and how it compares to other options in the market. 

    Any data leader worth their salt knows that external data is critical to enhancing analytics models. They also know the pain of data discovery and procurement, and how acquisition gets even more challenging the more data you need. Our demo focuses on how data leaders can quickly identify and integrate the most relevant external signals into their analytics and ML pipelines. Come for the Gartner acclaim, stay to learn how to maximize your ML and BI investment. 


    Hope to see you there!

    If you’re convinced, head to the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit page to register. If you’re all booked with virtual events that week but still want to see how our platform stacks up, you can book your own private demo with us anytime. 


    About the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 

    The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit provides insights for data and analytics leaders to enable a data-and-analytics-centric culture within their organizations by tying strategy to business outcomes and promoting the adoption of technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), while creating a resilient culture that accelerates change, and where data literacy, digital trust, governance and data-driven critical thinking are pervasive.