data pipeline
October 28, 2020 Joseph Sibony Data Science

How Explorium Upgrades Your Data Pipeline

Let’s say you own a factory that makes computers. You need to have a steady pipeline of parts and raw materials. You can approach this necessity

data science v data analytics
October 13, 2020 Shelby Blitz AI Education

Data Science v Data Analytics — What’s the Difference, and Do You Need Both?

A few years ago, a friend of mine was traveling solo through Kazakhstan when he got chatting to a friendly local who described himself as an

direct mail and external data
October 12, 2020 Joseph Sibony Machine Learning

Direct Mail Isn't Dead - Here's How Explorium Can Help You Make it Work

With the increasingly digital lean in marketing, it’s easy to assume that the “old ways” like direct mail are going the way of the dodo. While

machine learning in hr
September 24, 2020 AI Education

Conceptualizing a Model To Predict Successful Hires: Reframing the Problem

The bad hire has been a problem in recruiting for as long as we’ve been doing it, but it seems that no matter how we try,

Better insights from automatic feature engineering
September 8, 2020 Joseph Sibony Data Science

How Explorium’s Automated Feature Engineering Improves Your Data Science

So, you’ve built a dataset you’re happy with, and your machine learning (ML) model ready to start making predictions left and right. Easy as pie, right?

Predictive Pricing Models: data enrichment to boost sales
August 26, 2020 Joseph Sibony Data Enrichment

Using Explorium’s Data Enrichment to Boost Basketball Ticket Sales

By now, we’re all getting used to the new (less than ideal) normal in sports — watching our favorite athletes play their games in empty arenas

data discovery
August 5, 2020 Joseph Sibony Automation

What Is Augmented Data Discovery with Explorium?

With so much data in your own stores, it’s tempting to think you have all you need to start producing great predictive insights. This might be

data preparation using python
August 3, 2020 Explorium Data Science Team Data Enrichment

Top Tips for Data Preparation for Machine Learning Using Python

Your machine learning model is only as good as the data you feed into it. That makes data preparation for machine learning (or cleaning, wrangling, cleansing,

machine learning marketing
July 27, 2020 Joseph Sibony Predictive Models

Could Machine Learning Help Tom Haverford Save Entertainment 720?

In the world of TV’s Parks and Recreation, few people are as concerned about their image and how they market themselves as Tom Haverford. The erstwhile

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