This notice and the options below apply only to California, Colorado, Virginia, and Connecticut residents.

If you are a resident of these states, your state’s privacy law provides you with the right to opt-out of the “sale” of your personal information.

Explorium is not in the business of selling personal information. Enrichment Data is data that a customer asks us to obtain for them, from external sources, such as data providers, public websites, or open government listings. We use Enrichment Data solely to fulfil our obligations pursuant to the commercial agreements we have with our customers, and upon a customer’s direct instruction to enrich its own data with this additional Enrichment Data.

While we do not view this enrichment process as selling data, state privacy laws broaden the terms “sale”, and this process may be considered as a “sale” under state privacy law.

If you wish to opt-out of this enrichment of your data for our customers, please submit an opt-out request using the form below.

We invite you to review our Website Privacy Policy and Platform & Services Privacy Policy for a more detailed description of how we collect, use, and share personal information in operating our business, your privacy rights and how to exercise your rights.

Please note:

  • Customer End User Data is the data that a customer provides to us. Platform & Services Usage Data is information that we collect about the representatives of the customer when they use our services. We never provide Customer End User Data or Platform & Services Usage Data (as defined in our Privacy Policy) onward to be used by a third party.
  • Your submission of the form below does not affect other instances of us sharing your information that are not considered “sale” or fall within exemptions under state privacy laws.
  • Your submission of the form below does not affect the enrichment of your data with data about you that is not considered personal information under state privacy law.

Once you submit your request, we will review and process it as quickly as possible; however we may need to obtain additional information from you in order to validate and process your request. Once we have determined that the request is valid and have obtained the information we need to process the request, we will process the request within the time period required by applicable law. If we are unable to process your request, we will notify you using your preferred method of contact.