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    Explorium’s Hubspot connector brings the external data cloud within a few clicks of any Hubspot activity. Explorium’s latest connector lets users access the external data from within Hubspot, returning enriched objects and new records from the external data cloud to the CRM.

    The Explorium Hubspot connector integrates the data you’ve already collected in your Hubspot – account information, contacts and leads –  with Explorium’s unparalleled data. Users can enrich any object in Hubspot with attributes pulled from Explorium’s industry leading catalog of companies and contact data, developing specific queries to optimize the data for their specific needs. For example, a user can search for similar businesses in an industry or area, whether for lead generation or competitor analysis; deepen their understanding of an account by accessing all of Explorium’s data on it; scoring incoming leads and prioritizing the ones more likely to convert; and regularly updating the object’s fields in Hubspot, to ensure those new or enriched objects return to Hubspot. 

    External data amplifies the signals in a CRM

    External data can help go-to-market teams get context by giving them a validated dataset to unclutter a CRM.

    New data – whether that comes in the form of updated information in existing fields or new fields attached to an object – can illuminate why some leads move more quickly through the pipelines than others. This allow users to identify those attributes in other prospects or leads earlier in the funnel, setting new targets for a more efficient sales and marketing operation.

    Looking at the big picture, external data can refine a company’s ideal customer profile (ICP). Greater understanding of incoming leads, clients, prospects and competitors can prompt a GTM organization to scrutinize their ICP or look at new segments.

    As the ICP changes, the marketing, sales and revenue pipelines have to change as well. GTM teams have to determine which of their current prospects fit the new ICP, and understand what distinguishes these from those prospects that don’t pass the new filter. Attributes like web traffic or the size of the HR department take on a new significance when you are able to compare them across all companies in your CRM and correlate them to your most successful accounts.

    At every stage, the “data in” determines which “data out” the company needs to retain. Companies cannot afford to let their CRMs be an archive of their old ICPs and customer pipelines. The infrastructure of the external data cloud not only provides the means to filter the signal from the noise, but prevents the accumulation of “old noise” in the user’s database.

    External data also provides the tools necessary for one of the most time-consuming tasks in data management: deduplication. Explorium enables organizations to segment business entities within Hubspot and prevent duplicate accounts and contacts in the CRM. That lets it serve as a ground truth for sales and marketing teams.

    Making Hubspot even more valuable for its core functions

    Hubspot is an industry leader for marketing automation and email marketing. The processes outlined above enhance Hubspot’s value around these core functions. Cleaner, accurate data enriched with a variety of unique attributes results in precision lead scoring. Clearer ICPs lead to better emails. Updated company and industry profiles enable more accurate market segmentation, which in turn surfaces new prospects for the sales team.

    Explorium’s Hubspot connector delivers all these opportunities from your existing Hubspot account. Accessing the external data cloud is a frictionless process for any Hubspot user. 

    More and better data for the same amount of work is a perfect set up for a more efficient sales and marketing organization. Contact us today for a tour through the Hubspot connector and the rest of the external data cloud.