Data Products Developer

Tel- Aviv

About The Position

Explorium is a cutting-edge data science company that has a total funding of $127 million.

Explorium offers a first of its kind data science platform powered by augmented data discovery and cutting edge feature extraction with LLMs. By automatically connecting to thousands of external data sources and leveraging machine learning to distill the most impactful signals, the Explorium platform empowers data scientists and business leaders to drive decision-making by eliminating the barrier to acquire the right data and enabling superior predictive power.

We are looking for a talented Data Practitioner to join our team and revolutionize the world of external data! In this role, you will be in charge of designing, implementing, testing, deploying, and maintaining our data products, which include data pipelines and ETL processes. Additionally, you'll harness cutting-edge data science and engineering technologies, such as DBT, Databricks, and Large Language Models (LLMs), to create novel solutions that address complex business challenges.

This role demands strong technical skills alongside a deep understanding of various business contexts, making it ideal for someone passionate about employing the latest technologies to produce meaningful and impactful business outcomes.


  • Lead the development of data products, effectively translating business needs into actionable technical specifications.
  • Employ cutting-edge technologies including DBT, LLMs, and GenAI to push forward our data science and engineering practices.
  • Take charge of the entire data product lifecycle, from the creation to the maintenance of ETLs and real-time data pipelines.
  • Use data science tools to extract actionable insights and valuable business indicators from large datasets.
  • Ensure high reliability and performance of production systems through robust testing, monitoring, and alerting procedures.
  • Conduct data analysis across various sources, bringing valuable insights to products and catering to sectors like manufacturing, CPG, and SaaS.


  • At least 1 year of production-level experience in SQL and Python development - Must
  • A BSc or BA in Computer Science, a similar field, or being alumni of an IDF technology unit - Must
  • Demonstrated proficiency in data analysis and system evaluation, with the ability to design experiments that inform product decisions - Must
  • Significant experience in data processing, especially in maintaining production ETLs - Big Advantage
  • Experience with building Machine Learning models or LLMs-related experience - Advantage
  • Experience with Databases, SQL and NoSQL, and Data modeling - Advantage
  • Familiarity with the latest data tools and platforms, such as Databricks and DBT - Advantage

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